“The loser says: this isn`t impossible, but is too difficult. The winner says: this is difficult but is not impossible”.

Author unknown

About Lygya Maya

  • 7 years as a speaker in the U.S.A. and Brazil
  • 10 years as an Intuitive Life Coach
  • 9 years as a book and articles writer
  • 10 years as a holistic therapist
  • Expert in human`s relation and emotions.

"Rare" the new york times

Lygya Maya

Lygya Maya, “the Happiness Magnet,” is the only intuitive Brazilian life coach in the U.S. integrating her powers of intuitive Amazonian shamanic healer, top-notch business coach, and entertainment star!  A compelling speaker and brilliant entertainer, she fires up international audiences with her wisdom, laughter, dancing, singing, and her outrageous comedic wit. Maya is a former coach/mentor with Tony Robbins for 3 years travelling in his company helping thousands become unstoppable! Now she is writing her own books and articles and has become a pathfinder and inspiration for others. A former dancing legend, her entertainment company, The Roots of Brazil, performed at the Radio City Music Hall, Palladium, Lincoln Center, and the United Nations. She has been featured in The New York Times, Vanity Fair magazine, among others and on national TV–CBS, NBC, and Fox News.  Now living in Brazil producing her own radio programs “Stress Exterminator!” and “Love the Emotions You Hate” based on her book with the same title.


"Lygya Maya is truly a force of nature--a whirlwind of talent, intelligence and energy. She is a source of hope, encouragement and inspiration to me and to others who are seeking to find creative, supportive spiritual community. I am looking forward to my next opportunity to participate in one of her gatherings."
Alan DeValle, Intuitive, Composer, Educator, Social Worker, New York City

"Lygya Maya is the best example of positive thinking I've ever seen! "

Bonnie Corso, Playwright, Actress, New York City

Contact me at: +55.71.9155.0161 /   Skype: lygyamaya

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