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Lygya  Maya

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Last Updated: Friday, 27 April 2018 04:15

Comments from readers

  • "Lygya of God! Your book is absolutely wonderful!

    You addressed quite clearly a subject that terrifies many people (including me). When I finished the first reading (of course I should  re-read it) felt the changes already processing within me.

    I loved the tips on "how to stop controlling" and the commandments to personal happiness. The exercises you stated are very well done for simple implementation and efficient results. And the different forms of treatment? Even I want to solve my problems through some form of alternative healing.

    From your online friend, forever grateful and transformed after meeting you and your work, "

    - João Carlos Fabião - Lawyer, RJ - Brazil

  • "A masterpiece, not to miss."
    Paul Amancio, journalist, Salvador, Brazil

  • "Your book has helped me to make some changes in my life, and I hope forever! I was so involved with reading it I did careful planning to achieve new goals."
    Monica Leite Costa, editor, online editor, text reviewer, Rio, Brazil

  • I read "Love the  Emotions You Hate" several times. Lygya’s knowledge is very useful bringing emotions, alternative healing, the difference between the emotional and spiritual ... And all this is placed in a very simple manner to understand. I learned to deal with emotion better, to think positive about  situations and see how I can be happier."
    Helena Victoria Castello Branco, SP, Brazil

  • "So far I read only the first nine chapters of his virtual book, but early on I have already received answers to many questions I had and hung in the air for many years. Actually the side of human emotions is little explored. From what I observe is important to develop our self-knowledge. It is the first time I read and I can easily understand the meaning of many mysteries in our lives. The language and examples are simple and straightforward. Congratulations for the excellent work, I think you hit the nail on the subject, so  I am sure I'll still have very good revelations by the end of my reading. "
    Julio César  -  Management Banking, SP-Brazil