“In the middle of any difficulty opportunity exists”.

Albert Eisntein

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Program – Maya Empowerment Program

Price: $1250.00

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The most powerful 10 weeks empowerment program you'll ever experience – "Yes everybody says this, I know – but here is why this one is true."

Imagine waking up every morning as if it were the first day of Carnival in Brazil. Imagine waking up, looking forward to all the fun, excitement, joy, fulfillment and sense of adventure that such a gorgeous morning would bring. Imagine if you could do this every day for the rest of your life – in your home, in your work, with your family, spouse, imagine waking up excited and happy and totally turned on – in every way!

The Maya Empowerment Program is a ten days process that trains your mind progressively towards living the life you deserve to have. It is plain and simple the quickest way to shift your attention and your attitude toward an extraordinary life style.

You see most people associate a Carnival state with a care freeness, and carelessness, an irresponsible state – and for the most part this is true. But my philosophy is completely different. I've discovered, and will share with you over the next ten weeks how to channel that powerful and magnetic energy to create the results you truly want based on my 15 years experience with extraordinary results (see testimonial link).

  1. You will gain a clear understanding of the factors that are influencing your present results. Yes! Your LIFE – as it shows up right now, it is not an accident, you are not a 'victim of circumstance' you have been, and you are its present architect and creator. This is no new-age mumbo jumbo, You'll understand with crystal clear detail how your present results are a direct and unequivocal representation of your thinking, your attitude, and your state.
  2. You get absolutely clear on what results you want to have in your life. In every area of your life
  3. You'll be guided through the hand, the step by step required to ensure you achieve your every dream. I have a unique way of re-programming, or re-wiring your circuits so emotions like passion, joy, confidence, power, fun, celebration are easily accessible to you at any time, regardless of circumstance. By the tenth session, you will know exactly what to do. Your life will be transformed.

Money back guaranteed. If you are not convinced after the first twenty minutes of our first session, then simply let me know that you want to stop, and I 'll not charge you. Sounds fair?

Promotional Fees for One Session: (for limited time only)

  • US$150 per 30 minutes
  • US$250 per hour per session (promotional price)

The discounted program package is done one-on-one over the telephone or skype lasting 30 minutes per session (based on $150.00 per session).

  • US$1,250.00 for 10 sessions paid in advance (save $250)

*Receive one free session and save US$400 signing today

My skype: lygyamaya
My msn: [email protected]
My tel in Brazil: +55.11.3271.1718


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Comments from the client program

  • “Lygya makes us feel as if it’s never too late and that we’re just getting started!  At age 68 I have never been as profoundly affected in my head as I have been by this in-your-face, hit-you-in-the-gut, fire-up-your-libido, open-up-your-heart, stir-your-soul story of seeing, feeling, and living life full-out!
    I am now speaking up more for what I want. I’m getting better service at the car repair shop and more timely payments from my book clients, (one of them is Ted Turner’s 9 years old daughter). And I’m deliciously entertaining the idea of letting a man back into my life. And I’m learning what’s good for me turns out to be good for the others around me as well.

    I have made more than $25,000 in revenues in less than 1 year and a half and I am about to sign up a deal worth thousands of dollars more doing exactly what my heart desires. Thank you for your c.o.o.l. empowerment!"
    Mardeene B. Mitchell – Literary Developer/Writing Coach

  • “ I want to say a special Thank You to you for all you did to assist me in more truly connecting my heart and emotions to my consciousness. I’m certain that the work we did together was a positive catalyst toward moving me to where I am today.  And yes, three cheers to even better sex in 2010.”    With much love,
    Matt Zembruski, VP Marketing & Operations

  • "When I first came to you I had no self-esteem, didn’t know how to speak English, I didn’t have passion for my work and sadness was a constant part of my day by day life. I was lost into an emotional drama that drained my power to be everything I could be. Your empowerment program helped not only see a new carrier I love with passion but also speak fluent English and become a well worth professional on the field of human wellness.  I am now a proud certified Colonic Therapist with my own partnership business in New York City, graduated by the best and most credible Colonic methods in this country, plus I have made over a half million dollars in revenues. Thanks to your constant guidance and believe in my potential as a human being and as a professional. To me your guidance is worth millions."
    Mya Silva – Certified Colonic Therapist

  • "Thank you so much for your empowerment program, I am so glad I decided to take it. Before your program I was a frustrated photographer looking for another job because I was laid off from the company I was working for.  I didn’t feel I could be doing much more than working for another company. That didn’t motivate me much but because of my low self esteem and lack of knowledge that was all I could dream of.
    Thanks to your powerful insight and experience on the entrepreneurial field in less than 8 months I am now a proud and smart entrepreneur with a realistic marketing plan in place, my own website done, more clients, more money than ever, and more fun with my professional and personal life.  I very much appreciate all you do…"

    Melisa Caprio – Photographer Extraordinaire www.melisacaprio.com

  • “Thank you so very much for helping me to save my marriage and open my eyes to find my father after 20 years disappearance. "
    Roberto Silva – Business Owner, Florida, U.S.A.